The Amazing Hummingbird!

What is colourful, small and full of feathers?


A hummingbird!

There are about 357 unique species of hummingbirds found in the world. Most of them live in tropical countries and they love summer!

Have you ever wondered why they are called ‘hummingbirds’?

It is because they flutter their wings at about 80 times per second!

It is so fast that it creates a humming noise!


Let’s take a peek at the nest of a hummingbird:

Just like a rare crown jewel, a hummingbird's nest is one of the greatest wonders of nature! They are nearly impossible to find as they are as big as a peanut!

If you think their nests are small, then wait till you see their itsy-bitsy, tiny weenie, little eggs!


A hummingbird’s eggs are the size of a jellybean.

It takes 4,700 hummingbird eggs to fit into one ostrich egg!

Most female hummingbirds lay about 2-3 eggs a year. These eggs stay safe and warm for 15 to 18 days before tiny baby hummingbirds pops out!

The mummy bird lay the eggs 1-2 days apart. But they both hatch at the same time.

Can you imagine how cute and tiny little hummingbird chicks are?!


Now the next time you see a hummingbird, be on a lookout for its tiny nest!

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