The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

What’s creepy looking, have eight legs and sharp fangs that can inject deadly venom.


We are talking about SPIDERS.

Did you know that many people mistake spiders for insects, when in actual fact they belong to a group of animals called ‘arachnids’.

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Arachnids have eight legs and only two body parts. Insects have six legs and three main body parts. Also most insects have wings; spiders don’t.

How many different types of spiders have you seen? 1? 10? Maybe 50?

Well there are at least 45,700 spider species on our planet! Can you imagine, if you have that much of spiders crawling all over your bed!

And it’s easy to differentiate the males from females. Male spiders are usually smaller than females. And because of that the GIRLS like to eat the BOYS up.


spider fangs.jpg

ALL spiders have fangs and these fangs are full of venom. Most use their venom to paralyze their insect victims so they can eat them.

If you ever get a spider bite, don’t worry too much, because most spider venom will not harm us humans as its pretty weak.

But of course, it’s always wise to see a doctor if you ever have one right?

Another great thing about spiders is that they can produce SILK *WOW*. They have these glands called spinnerets on their bellies. And through the spinnerets, spiders release the silk as a liquid. They pull, tug and spin the liquid thread till *PRESTO*… webs are created.

But beware… these webs are really sticky and help trap unaware preys for the spider’s next meal.



So remember, the next time you’re in a sticky situation… see if there are any spiders nearby. Snap a picture and share it with us and #animalfunfact.


It’s always fun to learn more!

Remember - it’s all animals, all the time!