The Magic of a Dog's Nose

You know what we’re going to talk about when we say, ‘Wet Nose, Warm Heart’. Yes, you’re right!


Now how many of you have dogs as pets? And how many of you actually KNOW everything about a dog so you can be a better person to man’s best friend.

Today, ZooMoo is going to reveal some awesome facts about our dog pals’ nose.


Your thought on a dog’s nose = wet, wriggly and cute.

 Your dog’s nose = a very powerful gadget that guides him daily in pretty impressive ways.

To begin, a dog’s nose has 2 roles to play; one is to breathe air and the other is to smell. With the ability to separate air, scents go directly to the noses’ sensing area whereas the other part is purely for breathing. How cool is that!

And unlike us humans, dogs can take in and breathe out air at THE SAME TIME! This helps create a continuous circulation of air.

 Try breathing in and out at the same time? Can you do it? *cheeky smile*

Not all breeds are excellent sniffers. Dogs who have short noses or flat faces, have lesser scent detecting receptor cells. Chihuahua, pugs and boxers are some examples.


German Shepherds and Labradors rank high in their smelling ability because of their longer snouts. Thus they are favorites in any law enforcements. Have you seen any sniffer dogs in action in a public area?

Dogs can smell up to 100,000 times better than us humans. For example, a dog’s nose is so sensitive that it can smell a teaspoon of sugar *teaspoon emoticon* mixed in an Olympic size pool.

Amazing right!

Have you ever wondered why these amazing K9s have wet noses? Well we found out that their noses are wet because they produce mucous in order to pick up smells better. And they LOVE to lick their noses; it’s their way of keeping it clean if they have food or dirt on it.

Also having a wet nose, keeps them cool.


Just like our fingerprints, every dogs’ nose print is unique. There are companies that you can register your dog’s nose print and it can come in handy if the pet ever gets lost or stolen.

Want to show some love for your dog pal, click *camera emoticon* a nose to nose pic and #AnimalFunFacts. 

It’s always fun to learn more!

Remember - it’s all animals, all the time!