Do I need the ZooMoo Channel to unlock content?

No. Watching ZooMoo is a much more efficient way to play but players can collect points by interacting with animals, earn more points and earn more ZooMoo unlocks! 

What can I unlock?

Unlocks come in the form of collectible cards that can be played in the app. Cards arrive in packs of three and can contain animal, food or action cards.

Does the ZooMoo app require data / Wi-Fi to play at any time?

No! Download the app and you're good to go.

How does ZooSync work?

The tablet syncs to the television by 'listening' to the Channel. Simply switch on the ZooMoo app when the shows are on and start collecting! The ZooMoo app is synchronised to the broadcast, thanks to an acoustic watermark, inaudible to our ears, but easily detected by the microphone on the tablet. 

Does the ZooMoo app turn on by itself when it hears the ZooMoo channel?

No. You will have to open the app for ZooSync to work, after the application is opened you're ready to go!

Can I unlock the same animal twice from the same show?

No. The app will recognise you have already collected that animal and will reward you with other content such as extra food and action cards.

My tablet missed an unlock because it was on sleep mode

In the settings menu of your device you can adjust time settings to be longer for when your sleep mode / auto - lock activates. 

The ZooSync icon doesn't appear on the tablet screen while the ZooMoo shows are running.

Here are some things to check to first:

  • The tablet needs to listen to the channel using it's microphone. Some tablet microphones are located on the back of the device. Check where your microphone is and ensure nothing is covering it.
  •  Try turning the TV volume up or sitting the tablet closer to the television set.
  •  Noisy appliances such as vacuum cleaners and cooking equipment in the same room may prevent the tablet being able to 'listen' to the television channel. Switch off any loud appliances.
  • Some times the microphone is "grabbed" by another app.  Try restarting your device and then run the ZooMoo app.

When these things have been checked give the tablet approximately ten seconds for the channel and tablet to sync.  

Where can we locate our ZooMoo photographs?

Any time photos are taken in the app, they are saved to your device's photo album. Share your snapshots with friends and family!

The ZooMoo app crashed!

Sorry about that! Here are the standard troubleshooting steps that will fix 75% or so of problems: 

1. Give the app a clean start by ensuring it's not running.  

  • On iOS 7+, double tap the home button, and look for the ZooMoo app.  "Flick" it upwards to stop the app.
  • On iOS 6, double tap the home button, then find the ZooMoo icon in the list of recently used apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the ZooMoo icon until it begins to jiggle.  Tap the 'x' in the corner of the icon to stop the app.
  • On Android, how to stop a running app varies - refer to your device's instruction manual / website. 

2. Turn off and on your device.

If you try this process and your app is still crashing, please contact us using the form below.

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