ZooMoo is populated by a wacky cast of animal characters. Who's your favorite?


An engagingly good-natured photographer, Flash is dedicated, dependable and very charming. He copes with his busy workload with genial humour and a constant can-do attitude.

Piglet is a high energy blast of boundless, breathless enthusiasm. She invents amazing solutions in her awesome workshop and explores the planet in her Adventure Machine.

Owl is smart, wise, pedantic, particular and slightly precious. After all, why use a one syllable word when a four syllable one can make you sound so much smarter!


Baby DJ may not be the biggest member of the crew, but he sure is the loudest. With his headphones, bling and cheeky grin, his mission is to turn the tables on all things animal and get everyone up dancing. For a little monkey, he sure brings a big party!

Mom Orang’s unconditional motherly love shines through with every word, as Baby Orang’s usual exuberance is gradually soothed by the peaceful quiet of story time.


The embodiment of Gallic sophistication and roguish charm. Lemur, surrounded by his canvases, sculptures and the visual out-pouring’s of his creative soul, he is convinced that greatness awaits him…. and in the meantime, consoles himself with camembert.


Ninja Gorilla uses his astounding ninja super-powers to turn everyday objects into amazing creations. He also enjoys expressing his sensitive side through interpretative animal dance.

Charmingly vain, beautiful, and gifted with supreme self-confidence, Clawdia is the undisputed diva of ZooMoo. She describes herself as an "Iconic Fashionista of Fabulousness".

Dino is all about extinction with attitude. He’s street-smart and sassy, with a fresh edge of dino-swagger! He knows exactly what’s what, and the best short-cut to get you there.


Amazing swimming skills and an uncanny ability to tell changes in weather because of her highly sensitive whiskers. Afrina is fast and is good at sneaking up to the others without being noticed.

Emiko the eagle takes her anchorwoman role very seriously reporting current affairs in the animal world she is often frustrated by her bumbling reporters who simply cannot sustain the professionalism she expects.

Latif is the Cool cat! Vain, laid back, generally unflappable except when it comes to his mane. He knows he is King and assumes the stature of royal. He is the big brother the others go to for advice


Rocky the raccoon is a delightful cute little rascal who, as a reporter is fast on the job although ill-prepared. He’s a clever and mischievous prankster with comical expressions.

Panda is the gentle giant who moves and speaks very slowly - that’s just his style. He is extremely funny without even trying.

Flutter is fascinated by all the amazing ways in which animals grow up, spellbound by the interactions between animal babies and their parents.


Hanna the sassy hyena is always up for an adventure. She’s very observant, and thrilled to discover the quirks of different wildlife species. She sings the "Move It" song with gusto!