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Upload a video of your child and pet and they could feature on-air on ZooMoo’s ‘My ZooMoo Pet and Me’ segment.  A selection of videos that comply with the Rules below will feature in the  ‘My ZooMoo Pet and Me’ segment and yours could be one of them.   

As you can imagine, the selection process depends on a lot of things.  Unfortunately this means we can’t comply with special requests to show specific videos or guarantee that your video will be shown on air on ZooMoo.  But we’d really like to receive your contribution!  Here are the Rules.


  • You must be 18 or over to submit a video of your child. Videos may only be submitted by a parent or legal guardian of the child featured in the submitted video. ZooMoo reserves the right to request proof of identity of children videoed and the person uploading them and to reject submissions if we suspect that the video is not properly authorised or for any other reason.
  • The video must only contain your child and his or her siblings, and their pets. No other people may be featured.
  • Your child must be between 1 – 7 years old to have a chance to feature on-air on ZooMoo. To upload your child’s video you must enter the information requested in the online upload site and upload your video.   If the video includes siblings, we need information about all of the siblings who appear.
  • If selected, videos will only appear on-air on ZooMoo and on ZooMoo’s social media sites.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to send you any copies of your video on-air.
  • We will not be able to return the video you have submitted.
  • There must not be any personal or private information about You, the child, their siblings or others in the video itself (e.g. email addresses, telephone numbers, school names, full names, school uniforms).  Any videos that include any of this information will not be considered.  This is to comply with our child and data protection policies.
  • Videos must not have any words, dialogue or text in the background.
  • The video must be of reasonable quality, i.e. in focus, not blurry, with the child and pet in clear view.
  • Videos must be in full colour and a minimum of 720p or 1080p – this is to ensure quality for on air broadcast. Videos must not exceed 3 minutes in duration or 300MB in size.
  • Videos must not include any activity which is abusive, harassing, insulting, involves threatening behaviour or that could be deemed to be bigoted, hateful, racially offensive or vulgar.
  • Videos must not feature endangered species or any activity depicting cruelty towards animals.
  • Videos must not contain any actions unsuitable for ZooMoo’s audience.  If a video does, it will be rejected.
  • Videos must not contain images (whether in the foreground or background) of anyone or anything that is famous or recognizable (e.g. celebrities, trademarks and logos, merchandise, branded toys, popular personalities or characters (live or animated).
  • The child in the video must be fully clothed. No naked or partially naked images will be considered, however innocent.
  • Videos must not contain any profane language or imagery.
  • Videos must not contain any logos on clothing or in the background or foreground.

You must read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before submitting Your child's Video.  Your upload of a video will be an indication that You agree with the Terms & Conditions.

Your personal information will be used in accordance with ZooMoo’s current published Privacy Policy*. Personal information will only be used for direct marketing purposes if You have consented to receive future marketing from ZooMoo (you may have already done this if You have registered your details with ZooMoo previously).

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